3 common types of headphone display stands: pictorial display stands, custom display stands, display stands with hooks


1.Pictographic display stand


The reason why they are called “pictographic display stands” is because these display stands are of hieroglyph-like origin and are designed from the shape of an object. Such as “7″ type headphone display stand, “Ω” type display stand, etc., simple structure and small size are the characteristics of this type of display stand. It is usually used to place 1 or 2 headphones, and acrylic materials are often used. made.
2.Customized display stand


The earplugs of the in-ear headphones are more compact and are not suitable for hanging and need to be fixed on the display stand for display. Therefore, the display racks of this type of headphones are generally custom-designed. The designer draws drawings according to the characteristics of the headphones and then proofs them for production. It can also be customized according to customer needs.
3.Display stand with hook
There is a big market for mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets, and a large number of headsets will be displayed on the exhibition stand. Since these types of headphones are designed to be displayed, it is necessary to take into account that they are mostly displayed in the form of boxes. At this time, a display stand with hooks is very practical. It allows the headphones to appear in front of consumers in a classified, neat and orderly manner, which well avoids the chaotic feeling that will be caused by a large number of points and lines.
The headset display stand is mainly selected according to the style of the headset, so that the headset can attract customers at a glance and make them buy.
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Post time: Aug-20-2022