What do women like to see most when they go shopping? That must be to go to the cosmetics counter to see cosmetics, so the display cabinet used to place cosmetics is increasingly concerned.

Cosmetics are generally used to showcase and display cosmetics, and the colour scheme is very important, if the colour scheme is not good, it will make customers disgusted. Cosmetics display rack colour with the principles:

1, similar with: a colour by adding black or white to make it darker or lighter to match. This collocation is easy to give people a soft impression, can be used to shape the cosmetic display rack light and shadow overlap and level effect and dynamic light and shadow residual effect.

2, the original colour with: this method is to pursue a colour effect by emphasizing the contrast between the original colour coordination. Generally is the use of a very high purity of the original colour, such as black, white, gray and red, blue, green and so on with. Any of the pure colours are easily matched with black, white and grey to create a harmonious configuration. This is characterised by high saturation and striking prominence, otherwise.

3, gray colour with: this method is to reduce the colour of the colour degree, and gray blend, become a kind of senior gray. And the hue is rich, only the purity are generally reduced.

4, contrast colour matching: two far apart or relative colour matching, such as yellow and purple, red and lime green, blue and orange, black and white, etc.. This kind of cosmetic display shelf colour scheme is relatively strong, with a strong visual impact.

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Post time: Sep-24-2022