When displaying high-end products and valuables, we generally recommend the use of wooden display shelves, which is very helpful for the entire product display and corporate image promotion. In addition, when using wooden display shelves, we listed the performance of some boards for your reference.

Blockboard: good moistureproof effect, no direct painting.

The center of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood sticks, and the two sides are glued with very thin veneer, which is one of the most important materials in the production of exhibition stands. It can be used in the middle elevation structure, wooden door and modeling structure of the exhibition frame, with good waterproof performance and strong structural support.

When selecting, you should look at its internal wood, which should not be too broken, and the joinery board with a gap of about 3mm between the wood should be preferred. Because the wood grain exposed on the surface is not beautiful, it is rarely painted directly, and the veneer plywood is usually pasted. Wooden structures such as exhibition racks and decorations made of them should be bonded with density boards, and then painted or pasted with fireproof boards to achieve a good display effect.

Integrated board display frame: not easy to deform

This is a new kind of solid wood material, which is made of high-quality imported large-diameter logs by intensive processing, and is like a finger interlaced board. Due to different processes, this kind of board has superior environmental protection performance, which is 1/8 of the allowable formaldehyde content of blockboard. On the other hand, this kind of board made of solid wood such as American spruce can be directly colored and painted, saving a process compared with blockboard.

Medium density board display frame: good flatness

MDF is formed by pressing wood powder sawdust, with good flatness, but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the nail holding force of the density board is poor, and the screws are easy to loosen after being tightened. Because the strength of the density board is not high, it is difficult to fix it again, so it is rarely used as a cabinet, but mostly used for the surface pasting of the paint booth.

Decorative three plywood display frame: rich wood grain

It is also called plywood and plywood. Different layers have different names. Its advantages and disadvantages mainly depend on raw materials and wood varieties, such as maple plywood, with clear and generous lines; Oak plywood with straight lines is orderly. This material is used in the production of the exhibition frame and is treated with open paint, so the effect is more high-end.

At present, the wood grain effect in the production of the exhibition frame is mainly the veneer plywood, that is, the very thin solid wood veneer has been pasted on the plywood in the factory. The veneer plywood is convenient to use and the price is moderate.

The purchase of wood should first depend on whether it is environmentally friendly. According to regulations, the formaldehyde emission of mall decorative wood must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter. If it exceeds 5 mg per liter, it is substandard.

Post time: Sep-24-2022