Nowadays, many people choose to open a convenience store, but they find that it is not as simple as they think. If you want to run this small shop well, there are many mysteries: for example, do you know how to create a dynamic line through shelf placement to stimulate customers’ desire to buy?
How do you get the most out of a limited convenience store and get the best out of the display? It’s all about how operators place convenience store shelves.
Today, fashion shelves to talk to you, the convenience store shelves placed in the knowledge.
convenience store shelf placement of the 5 principles


Convenience store shelves can be placed not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the comfort and convenience of the entire shopping environment. Therefore, fashion shelves suggest operators to follow the following 5 principles when placing shelves.
1. Fully display product information and features
The ultimate goal of convenience store displays is to sell goods, so we should combine the characteristics of the goods themselves when placing the shelves, and strive to make it easier and faster for customers to find the goods.


For example, place promotional shelves by the shop window near the door or create promotional stacks right next to the cashier’s desk to take advantage of these places where customers flow most frequently and increase the chances of displaying promotional items.
2. Clearly sorted, easy to find
Convenience store customers are very sensitive to the convenience of shopping, and a wide range of goods will give people a sense of clutter if they are not sorted and displayed.


For example, operators should place food and daily laundry products on two separate shelves; place the shelves of two related products next to each other to form a connection, so as to provide customers with the convenience of finding the target product.
3. Comfortable and transparent at a glance
Convenience store shelves should be placed at different heights in different areas. Low shelves should be placed in the centre of the shop and at the entrance to allow better access to light and air and a clear view for customers.


Specifically, the height of the shelves placed in the centre of the convenience store should not be higher than 1.60 metres, and the height of the shelves placed against the wall should preferably be between 1.8 and 2 metres, i.e. to keep the shop permeable and to effectively use the display space
4. Leave enough unobstructed passage

When placing shelves, the distance between shelves will form the channel of the convenience store, and the spacing of shelves (that is, the width of the channel) in different areas requires different. The spacing between shelves in a convenience store should at least be able to ensure 1-2 people can easily walk around.
For example, 10-30 square feet of small convenience stores, shelves should be placed at a distance of not less than 0.8 meters; 30-50 square feet of medium-sized convenience stores, the distance in 1-1.5 meters; 50-100 square feet of large convenience stores, shelves can be placed a little loose, 1.5-2 meters is most appropriate.
5. to guide and disperse the role of customers
Operators can be based on the shape of the shop, the sales pattern of goods, customer shopping habits, etc., a reasonable distribution of shelves and the placement of goods, in order to guide customers deep into the shop, and scattered to various areas, to avoid uneven busy leisure.
For example, the popular, low-priced, fast-selling goods shelves placed in the location near the entrance; expensive, easily damaged goods placed behind the checkout counter.
Second, the convenience store business 4 kinds of shelves placed in the way
Introduced the principles of shelf placement, the next fashion shelves to talk to you, how to place the specific convenience store shelves: 1.
1. Single row placement – the formation of U-shaped dynamic line
A set of centre island shelves in the centre of the shop, surrounded by wall shelves, air curtain cabinets and checkout counters, is ideal for creating a compact small convenience store.
2. One-way placement – forming a mouth-shaped movement line
Placing multiple groups of shelves in sequence in one direction will not only give the convenience store a neat and organised look, but also a certain sense of regional integrity.
The shelves are placed in such a way that they naturally form a main aisle that reflects the customer to the right, with several secondary aisles between the shelves, which is very much in line with people’s usual shopping habits.
3. Island placement – forming a figure of eight movement
Some convenience stores will have a visible pillar in the centre, so it is a good idea to concentrate on placing the shelves or goods in one part of the shop to correspond with the pillar, thus weakening its prominence.
Aisles are formed between the columns and the shelves of the convenience store, so that customers can walk around the columns from either the left or the right without missing the products on display at the back.
4. Side-by-side placement – forming a return movement
In large convenience stores, multiple shelves need to be placed side by side, so that the shop looks well stocked and the sparse arrangement of shelves is not boring to customers.
Side-by-side shelving allows the main aisle to be interspersed with the secondary aisle to form a number of enclosed pathways between the shelves, allowing customers to choose to walk along any one of the moving lines to complete the shelves.
In the eyes of most customers, the convenience store experience is more important than the price of goods, through the reasonable shelf placement and dynamic design, to create a comfortable and convenient shopping environment, is the weapon to impress customers. If you would like to know more about convenience store shelving, or would like to appreciate the display designs of 7-11, Family and Youlian convenience stores, please leave your comments.

Post time: Dec-08-2022