Display racks and display cabinets sound as if they are similar, so what is the difference between display racks and display cabinets? Or maybe the two are meant to be one and the same.

What is a display cabinet.

Display cabinets are used in fixed business places such as clothing shops, supermarkets in shopping malls, cosmetics shops, jewellery shops, accessories shops and digital shops in a variety of colours such as gold, silver and white, matte black, magenta and grey. Because of its size and weight restrictions, so it is generally fixed in the shop to display goods, are generally made of wood baking lacquer, the requirements for the process is relatively high, especially in the jewellery shop display cabinet is needed to show the perfect jewellery high-grade fashion. Of course its price is also more expensive than the booth and exhibition stand. There are display, storage products function, due to the different processes, but also may have anti-theft and other functions.

What is a display stand.

According to the characteristics of display racks, design matching product promotion boutique display racks, plus creative LOGO signage, so that the products are eye-catchingly displayed in front of the public, thus increasing the role of publicity and advertising for the products. The display stand can show the characteristics of the product in all directions; rich accessories, and each component can be recorded live installation, a variety of colour matching, professional designers superb design. Display stands overshadow traditional installations. The unique feature of display stands is their customisation, with each product individually tailored to the display stand, specifically to complement the product’s selling points.

Display racks and display cabinets are the same.

1, display shelves and display cabinets to their names, have a display, display role. In the exhibition or fair and so on, we will use display racks or display cabinets. At this time, display racks and display cabinets are to play the role of display, we want to show the goods, collectibles to do a full range of display, to give people the opportunity to understand, cognitive.

2, the material of the display shelf has acrylic, there are also wooden, wooden display shelf on the same with the display cabinet. Display cabinets are mostly made of solid wood plus glass windows.

The difference between display cabinets and display racks.

A, the design concept of the difference

From the design concept of display shelves is based on the characteristics of the products that customers want to show and develop a different structure, shape of the shelves, focusing on the characteristics of the display products, display enterprise information, to facilitate transactions; and display cabinets are basically made of the same shape, just in the same structure of the display cabinets will be placed on different products. The design concept of the display shelf is first product after the display shelf, but the design order of the display cabinet is based on different display cabinets to place different products.

Second, the use of the scope of distinction

Display cabinets are mostly used to display some mobile phone jewellery, watches, jewellery and other commercial products. And the display rack function range is relatively wide, can be used to exhibit some electronic products, can also be used to place the company’s brochures and any need to display with customers directly face to face products.

Third, the distinction from the production of material

The more common material for display cabinets is glass display cabinets. The material of the display shelf is more extensive, including acrylic display shelves, glass display shelves, metal display shelves and so on.

Fourth, the role of the distinction

Display cabinets play the role of display or storage role, only a few display cabinets can play the purpose of attracting customers’ attention, while the purpose of the display shelves in the beginning of the design decided that it is not only used to display products, more is a kind of publicity on the company’s image, and thus play a role in promoting sales performance purposes.

The above four points are the difference between display racks and display cabinets, from which we can see that, although the role of both are used to do product display, but the difference is really very big. We have to choose the right product according to the occasion we want to use and the performance of the product.

Post time: Sep-13-2022