Acrylic to do with the beauty of cosmetic display shelves exquisite, beautiful appearance will attract female friends, so the display effect of cosmetic display shelves directly affect the sales of cosmetics.

The premise of a good cosmetic display is to choose good materials, only good materials and exquisite craftsmanship can produce a good cosmetic display. A cosmetic display can’t be made entirely from acrylic, so a variety of materials are needed when making it. First we choose acrylic or plexiglass, acrylic or plexiglass is often used in cosmetic displays to the material, because the cosmetic display will use lighting effects, and acrylic or plexiglass material up to 92% light transmission, so many cases are used acrylic or plexiglass material to produce light boxes or small displays.

Once again is the choice of glass, because the glass in the cosmetic display rack will often be used to articulate, so that the mixture between acrylic, glass will increase the beauty of the cosmetic display rack. Once again is the choice of density board, to choose a good density board, because the poor quality of the density board surface convex and uneven, relatively rough. So choose a high-density, smooth surface, can bake the paint of the board. After in is the design of the light. Design laser lights at different angles of the cosmetic display, in pure white light, to show the cosmetics more exquisite

The above four points in the choice of materials can be very good to help you, you can certainly make your cosmetic display stand (table) very delicate, of course, can also make your cosmetics more attractive to the eye, and thus get good sales.

Post time: Sep-24-2022