The beauty and beauty of cosmetics display frames made by Acrylic will attract female friends, so the display effect of cosmetics display frames will directly affect the sales of cosmetics.

The premise of a good cosmetics display is to choose good materials. Only good materials and exquisite workmanship can make a good cosmetics display. A cosmetics display stand cannot be made of acrylic materials, so it needs multiple materials when making it. First of all, we choose acrylic or plexiglass materials. Acrylic or plexiglass materials are often used in cosmetics display. Because lighting effects are used in cosmetics display, and the light transmittance of acrylic or plexiglass materials is up to 92% or more, so in many cases, acrylic or plexiglass materials are used to make light boxes or small display stands.

The third is to choose glass, because glass is often used to connect in the cosmetics display frame, so the mixture of acrylic and glass will increase the aesthetic feeling of the cosmetics display frame. The third is to choose the density board. We should choose the good density board because the surface of the low-quality density board is uneven and rough. Therefore, when choosing, we should choose high-density, smooth surface and paint baking boards. Later is the lighting design. Radium spotlights are designed at different angles of the cosmetics display rack, which can show the beauty of cosmetics under pure white light.

The above four points can help you very well in the selection of materials, which will certainly make your cosmetics display stand (table) very delicate, and of course, it can also make your cosmetics more attractive, so as to get a good sales volume.

Post time: Nov-03-2022