The acrylic display stands that we usually see in supermarkets or stores are generally displayed in front of us as commodity display props. Its excellent appearance and physical properties make the acrylic display stand have more obvious advantages than the traditional general display stand in terms of beauty, practicality and easy cleaning.

The production of acrylic display stands requires exquisite craftsmanship, which is embodied in the following aspects:

Acrylic material increases the toughness in the process of making acrylic display stand. After adding ultra-fine rigid inorganic fillers in production, it can promote the shear yielding of the matrix in the process of material fracture, and can absorb a large amount of plastic deformation, resulting in the transformation of the brittleness and toughness of the matrix.

So how to identify the quality of acrylic display stand?

First, poor-quality acrylic is very brittle, and will quickly fade and lose its original luster after being exposed to the sun and wind outdoors.

Second, inferior acrylic materials are difficult to separate after baking, while high-quality sheets can be separated even if they stick together. This is called paste recognition.

Third, burn the acrylic material with fire. Good acrylic material does not burn easily, and bad material burns quickly.

Fourth, the description of generally good acrylic is the same as the actual one, for example, the relevant description is as thick as the actual one. No corners are cut, on the contrary, poor quality boards are often not what they appear to be.

Fifth, a good plexiglass plate has high transparency, is very white, and will not turn yellow or blue. Of course, the light should be white, the transmittance is different

The use of acrylic display stands is a very important part of our modern business activities. The choice of the display stand will directly affect the customer’s desire to buy and the display effect of the product. Therefore, choosing a high-quality acrylic display stand before use is the key and foundation to ensure its final effect.

Post time: Aug-03-2022