Small boutique supermarket shelf design effect detailed explanation

A. Overall design

1, brand-oriented, highlighting the brand positioning

2, although it is a boutique supermarket, but not too luxurious, to close to consumers

3, highlighting the high-end at the same time, to add warmth and the feeling of home

4. Practicality should not be ignored, a comfortable shopping environment is the most important!

Second, the regional division on

1, according to the brand, according to the function, according to the category of goods for regional division

2, according to the dynamic line to arrange the location of each area

3、The corner area should be reasonably utilized, and decorative shelves or promotional advertisements can be used

4、Regional signs should be clear and icons should be simple and clear

Three, colour matching

1, walls, ceilings and floors should not use too many colours

2、Flooring can be made of different materials or colours according to the area

3、Lighting is mainly in warm colours, which can make customers feel close

4, merchandise display according to the same kind of the same colour to arrange, not disorderly!

Fourth, the choice of shelves

1, choose the old manufacturers, supply after-sales guarantee

2, display props colour with the ground and ceiling with reasonable

3, brand class goods, can be customized brand display cabinets, highlighting the brand publicity

4, promotional display to customize the promotional display rack, can enhance the exposure of goods!

Five, commodity placement skills

1, fresh goods, as far as possible, placed in the location of the high flow of people, such as the entrance

2, bakery goods, placed in a conspicuous place, can increase the desire to buy

3、Branded goods can be placed in the aisle, which is conducive to the exposure of non-branded goods nearby

4、Hot goods, placed on the right side of the shelf 3-4 layers (human eye height), because people are used to browse from left to right, the right side stay longer, conducive to the sale of goods.

5, high profit goods, eye-catching appearance of goods, placed on the end shelf is more conducive to be found and buy.

6, the small front shelf of the cashier can be placed some small goods, such as chewing gum, etc., can stimulate impulse consumption desire.

Post time: Sep-13-2022