With the continuous development of the economy and the improvement of social living standards, people’s requirements for the shopping environment are also getting higher and higher. The development of some supermarkets has also changed with the development of society, and the function of supermarkets has gradually developed from meeting a single shopping demand to meeting the multi-functional development of leisure, entertainment and shopping. The format of supermarkets has also changed, with the emergence of convenience stores, boutique shops, community shops and specialist shops. The shelves used for display in supermarkets have also changed from single iron shelves to steel and wooden shelves that can meet different shopping atmospheres. (Supermarket shelving options)

Steel and wooden shelving are favoured by operators and consumers alike because they are easier to work with, and are durable, load-bearing and offer a wider range of displays and a wide range of colours to suit different shopping atmospheres.

Steel and wooden shelving is also available in the following main types.

1. Single-sided steel and timber shelving with a display layout similar to classic shelving.

2. Rounded and stylish double-sided steel and wood shelving.

3. steel and wooden stacking shelves for discount promotions.

4. Creative wooden shelving for new or special products.

5. Supermarket checkout counters that combine checkout and display shelving.

6. Warehouse shelving for different products

7. Heavy duty shelving to be placed in all corners of the warehouse

8. Composite material shelves, you can choose different materials with

Choosing some innovative steel and wooden shelving, together with the decorative style of the shop, can bring the product closer to the customer and can make the product and the consumer identify themselves. Make the customer happy in a relaxed and warm environment to complete a wonderful shopping

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Post time: Sep-13-2022