Neatly placed.

Although it is a promotional display shelves but in doing placement must not ignore the neatness of the placement of goods, the goods are neatly placed together to enhance the overall placement effect, to attract customers to stop and buy, a seemingly haphazard no sense of hierarchy of the supermarket promotional display shelves will only make customers feel that the supermarket is not professional.

Plenty of placement.

The so-called full placement is in the promotion of supermarket display shelves on all four sides to place the goods, but also according to the size of the commodity packaging to adjust the laminate, to ensure that between the goods and goods, goods and laminate do not leave too much space between, otherwise it will seem empty goods, no sense of volume, to discourage customers from shopping enthusiasm.

Associated placement.

Promotion of goods related to the placement is to be placed in the promotion of goods related to the area, can not be placed randomly. For example, the promotional products are casual foods that will be placed in the food area, and other similar goods to form a contrast, better reflect the promotional activities of the concessions. But if the promotion of leisure food in the daily necessities area, the two are not related, completely unable to let customers feel the strength of the offer, and will not generate interest in buying

Accurate placement

The most important thing is to pay attention to whether the POP billboard can correctly correspond with the promotional products to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. And on the billboard, not only should the promotion time and reason be clear, but also the original price and promotion price of the goods should be marked accurately to form a strong contrast, so that customers can really feel the degree of discount.

Post time: Nov-11-2022