Acrylic Jewellery Counter And Showcase For Ring Earrings Jewelry Display

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Colour Black

Brand Youlian

Material: wood + acrylic

Special features removable

Recommended product ring

Target group Women

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About this item

1. Desktop jewellery display stand - made from a combination of two materials, wood + acrylic, with a black acrylic tray,, to display earrings, rings, pins, metals, brooches, necklaces or other jewellery accessories.

2. back - has a high definition product screen display so you can clearly see the accessories of the product you are displaying while keeping it dust free; allows your items to be fixed to the tray quite securely

3. Jewellery display stand - perfect for showing off the benefits of jewellery and keeping your accessories in place; ideal for counter jewellery displays for jewellers, shops or trade shows.

4. Material: wood + black acrylic

5. The counter display has three tiers, each with different distances and different products on display

6. Easy to install, only two screws are needed to complete.

7. Easy to clean, easy to move

8. Small packaging material, cost saving

9. Colour: black, black gives a sense of secrecy, black wood and black acrylic combine to set off the high-grade products


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Product features

Wooden display case for displaying earrings, rings, pins, medals, brooches or other small jewellery accessories

Countertop display allows you to clearly see where your jewellery is located while keeping them neat and regulated

Perfect for displaying your jewellery and keeping it in place.

You can add display functionality by using them on three different levels, or use them individually to customise the style of your product display.

Ideal for displaying jewellery collections, as an elegant and chic countertop jewellery display in a shop or trade show

Elegant and chic, these black wooden countertop displays come with black acrylic mats. Their contrasting colours make for an eye-catching display. The perfect product display

This display stand is perfect for countertop displays. It can be displayed in shops, trade shows, craft fairs and more.

This black countertop display perfectly complements the upmarket nature of jewellery, making a statement and creating a desire to shop


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