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1. Made of high quality black acrylic, iron
2. Large capacity, can accommodate different products
3. Can be rotated 360 degrees
4. Strong and durable structure
5. Easy to clean
6. Wide range of uses

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1.High Quality Material: Made of black durable acrylic. It is often called plexiglass. It is waterproof and moisture resistant. It is safer than unbreakable glass. Transparent material allows you to see everything you have, avoiding tedious searches, saving time and making your life easier
2.LARGE CAPACITY SET: The beauty organizer can hold 24 lipsticks, and there are 4 separate small case makeup cases for storing your daily makeup. Each box product can be fully revealed without compromising the integrity of the stack. Makeup organizer can hold at least 8 skin care products, 3 liquid foundations, 24 lipsticks, 6 eyeliners, 5 eyeshadow palettes and other small everyday collectibles to keep your vanity and bathroom counter organized.
3.MULTI-PURPOSE: A good makeup organizer keeps all your products in one place, sorting your cosmetics properly and allowing easy access to cosmetics you need without much thought. It can not only be used for jewelry and cosmetics designed on a dresser but is also suitable for organizing office supplies on the table and toiletries in the bathroom. It provides a lot of storage space for your other collectibles. Organized items are kept neat.
4.EASY TO CLEAN: The smooth surface of the acrylic material makes it easy to care for and clean. Please wash with mild soapy water. Not wash in a washing machine. Acrylic also insulates better than glass or plastic. But please don't be close to the fire source to avoid damage.
5.DIMENSIONS AND PACKAGE: The dimensions are 15.74 x 6.88 x 5.62 inches. Each compartment and drawer can hold cosmetics of standard size. Before shipping, we will check if the product is in good condition and then pack it with styrofoam to protect the plastic from scratches or cracks and make sure it reaches your hands safely

Lipstick display stand (4)

Lipstick display stand (3)

Product Description

1.Makeup Organizer Case
The capacity or rather the amount of cosmetics an organizer can hold depends on your skincare needs. If you’re a minimalist, a small organizer with separate compartments that can be stored in a drawer might be all you need. If your makeup collection includes 24 shades of lipstick and an eye palette for every season. You might want to consider a larger organizer with special compartments or a customized modular organizer that can be expanded over time.

2.If your goal is to simply store your makeup in one space, then this acrylic organizer with separate is perfect for you.
1 box can be used to store pressed powder, eyeshadow palette, and the top is ideal for skin care products and more.
1 compartment can be used to store lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, etc. Smaller compartment is ideal for storing small loose items
3.smooth drawer
Sleek drawers with clear sorting. Your Favorite Makeup Display Stand.
4.High Quality plexiglass Material
Made of high-quality thick plexiglass material, It is hard, not easy to break, has high transparency, good weather resistance
5.Multiple uses
Drawers are perfect for storing lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, and much more.
Before storing cosmetics, group makeup according to categories or frequency of use, gather all of your lipsticks, eye pencils, highlighters, concealers, and blushes in one place, so you can easily keep track of what you have and avoid buying repeats. Special occasion makeup or lesser-used palettes can be stored in harder-to-reach compartments or drawers to keep them away from direct sunlight and dust between uses, To prevent damage to the skin be sure to frequently check makeup expiration dates.

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