Customized wood and metal for hanging accessories hanging stand floor clothes display stand

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1. hanger made of natural wood and metal PVC.
2. The construction is strong, durable and sturdy
3. equipped with 4 levelling feet to prevent scratches, scrapes or harsh rubbing noises, it also helps to protect tiles and wooden floors
4. Multi-functional design
5. Easy to assemble

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1.Material. Pine Wood, Metal, PVC

2.Size. About 32X32X152 cm/12.6X12.6X59.8 inches

3. Suitable for hanging cat and dog clothes, baby clothes, prevent clothes from wrinkling and creasing during wearing. Can also be used in pet stores, outdoor promotions, supermarket snacks or trinkets, etc.

4. The clothing rack is made of natural wood and metal, strong, durable and sturdy, and finely polished to make the surface smooth. There are 11 layers of hanging walls, which have a telescoping function and a structure that makes it stand firm and sturdy.

5. This open closet showcases the best clothes outside your window. Put them neatly together. Use the bottom side to store shoes, dolls or any other accessories. This will make the best use of the space in the window.

6. Comes with 4 leveling feet to prevent scratches, scrapes or harsh rubbing sounds. It also helps to protect tiles and wooden floors.

7. Natural wood with classic grain. Elegantly fits any decorative style of any room.

8. Multi-functional design - With a minimalist-based user-friendly design, this freestanding metal garment cart makes an important contribution to maximizing your limited space, providing a convenient closet solution for indoor supermarkets, retail stores, convenience stores, and pet hanging stores.

9.Easy Assembly - Assembly is a simple task that includes all the needed tools and instructions. We offer friendly customer assistants, so if your item arrives damaged in any way, please feel free to contact us.


Product Description

1.Space Saving
This coat rack is tall with ample storage space,but it won't occupy much floor area. It can be a beautiful decoration in any corner of your room.

2.Smooth hooks
Hooks ensure that clothes do not slip off easily. Smooth hooks will not scratch all hanging clothes.

3.More safety
The design of the crossbeam hook with retractable function makes it more stable and safe.

4.Can have exclusive LOGO, color, size, appearance can be customized

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