High-quality customized headset metal display stand headphone floor wooden display

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1. The headphone display stand can display products on both sides
2. The headphone display stand is made of acrylic & metal & MDF & LED
3. The movable layer can be adjusted freely, and each layer can bear 10KG
4. MDF edge banding, metal powder spraying
5. Easy to install
6. Modern, creative, simple and stylish

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1.Headphone store: The headphone display stand is an independent, sturdy iron headphone store that can display products on both sides, each side has 4 layers, each layer bears 20KG, and the guide rails are installed, the height of each layer can be freely adjusted, and each layer has two layers. There are two hooks for support, LED lights are installed on both sides of the display stand, and LED are also installed on the first card. The first card is bent into a U shape with acrylic plate, and you can print your own LOGO on the U shape.
2.Modern creativity: simple and fashionable, placed in the store to set off the unique nature of the headphones, it is more dazzling, customers can directly see some display shelves when they enter the store, cleverly used the characteristics of the display shelves to set off the high-end headphones, which has become a treasure of calm, even if you don’t want to. If you buy, you will still want to enter
3.DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY: Our display stands have inverted safety corners on both sides, so they won't scratch if touched, and have ample shelves on both sides for display and storage; it's designed Features smooth, easy-to-install for increased safety
4.Using a sturdy iron and wooden headphone display stand, shopping and fun shopping has never been more fun! The separate viewing space features smooth, curved corners and edges, allowing customers to browse the shelves on one side to shop, and allow the headphone store to organize merchandise on the other.

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A. Our monitors can be used in a variety of countertop, floor stand, wall mounted or panel wall display setups.
B. We have powder coating line available in black, gray, red, etc.
C. The earphone floor display stand can be used to display different products in large shopping malls, earphone specialty stores, clothing stores, bag stores
D. The unique structure of the headphone display stand, it is an eye-catching stand-alone display.


1. Headphone display stand, metal height can be customized.
2. The display stand has two sides, each layer can be 4 layers of boards, have a dense headphone display stand in your promotion area or retail store.
3. We used the assembly with locking screws to save shipping cost and storage space.
4. How to get a quote?
Step 1. Receive your picture or sketch including appearance and function.
Step 2: Send our suggestions, including our similar projects
Step 3: Make technical drawings of the product according to your opinion
Step 4: Send a quote as confirmation

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