When we are shopping, in addition to the dazzling array of goods, it is easy to be attracted by a variety of beautifully shaped and well made display shelves inadvertently. As a marketing means, display stands are developed with the development of terminal POP advertising, which can display goods, convey information and promote sales.
Acrylic can be found in all kinds of beautiful cosmetics counters, mobile phone displays, jewelry display cabinets, and shelves for snacks in major shopping malls or specialty stores.
Acrylic display frame is widely used in commodity display.
Display products, attract consumers' attention, and make consumers have the desire to buy. Acrylic display frame has become a vivid tool for terminal promotion. In their daily sales activities, merchants are increasingly using acrylic display shelves to display and display goods. Many large shopping malls and shopping centers also have display counters made of acrylic as a whole.
Acrylic display frame has a wide range of uses, including cosmetics display, digital product display, tobacco and wine display, glasses display, craft gift display, etc.


The incomparable advantage of Acrylic display frame - a dazzling array of goods, is more precious against the background of Acrylic display frame.
The display effect is good. The high-quality acrylic display frame is crystal clear, and it is like a handicraft. The personalized design makes the display frame and the product more harmonious and unified, and better highlights the characteristics and characteristics of the product; The comprehensive visual effect helps to improve the product grade, improve the overall brand image, and play a role in publicity; The proper classified display enables consumers to see clearly and purchase conveniently during browsing.
Tailored design. Acrylic has excellent comprehensive performance. According to the characteristics of the product, we can design a display stand that matches it. In addition, we can add creative LOGO signs to make the products stand out in front of the public and make the products no longer monotonous; The professionally designed acrylic exhibition stand can be unified with the connotation of corporate culture, and more effectively show the brand image.
Various styles. Acrylic has good processing performance. It can not only use lathe for cutting and laser engraving, but also use blow molding, extrusion and other processes to make display cabinets ranging from large ones to denture holders. There are many styles, including floor type, table type, hanging type, rotary type, etc.


Robust and durable. Acrylic display stand has light weight and strong impact resistance. It is convenient for transportation, green and environmental protection, rapid assembly and other advantages. It is also simple and convenient for later maintenance, long service life, and is not easy to fade or deform.


The high-end acrylic display shelf needs careful selection of materials. Xintao Acrylic has crystal transparency, and the light transmittance can reach 93%; Strong plasticity and easy processing; Good toughness, not easy to damage; Strong repair and easy maintenance; The product specifications are diverse, and the color can be customized according to customer requirements. Over the years, Xintao Acrylic has been very popular in the market because of its beautiful appearance, durability, excellent quality, personalization and many other advantages.

Post time: Oct-25-2022