Christmas is coming, how to choose a popular display stand for your products?

The end of the year is about to ring, and everyone must be preparing for Christmas and New Year. As December enters, the Christmas atmosphere gradually becomes more intense. 

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Christmas season promotions must first create a festive atmosphere, and most display racks at this time are designed around Christmas themes. Christmas trees, red and green colors, snowflakes, elk, Santa Claus, etc. are all very classic Christmas elements. When choosing a display stand, you can start from these aspects, which not only echoes the festive atmosphere but also plays a good promotional role.

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In addition to echoing some classic Christmas elements, you can also start with lighting when choosing a display stand. The gorgeous, warm lights on the display rack can create a colorful holiday effect. The white snow outside the window combined with the colorful blurry lights makes people feel like they have strayed into the land of fairy tales. 

You may be worried that even if the Christmas season promotions are strong and effective, customizing display stands would be a waste of resources. However, it was a bit awkward to still use the display stand after Christmas, which made people feel that the seller was not generous enough.

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Having a clear, identifiable, and cohesive theme is one of the best ways to attract customers during the holiday season. Where competition from retail giants and chains is fierce, independent brands or start-ups can stand out with window display fixtures. Consider launching new products or campaigns during the holidays to ensure consistency across channels.

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What story do you want to convey through your window display? A successful window scheme always tells a story.

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Stay true to your brand style, reflect your values and personality, and reaffirm your brand truth. 

For example, Printemp Haussman department store tells the story of a little boy traveling from London to Paris to celebrate Christmas through 11 windows. The little boy left London to celebrate Christmas in Paris wearing a Burberry trench coat, cashmere scarf, wellies and a walking umbrella. He begins his journey in the twilight of winter, passing through the snow-covered English countryside, crossing the sea, taking a train, and finally arriving in Paris at night. Spring collaborates with a number of brands, including Fendi and Burberry, to bring this story to life.

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How to make a display stand suitable for both Christmas and daily use? This is very simple for us, as long as we add replaceable functions during the design, you can continue to use this display stand after the Christmas season by simply replacing this part. 

First, we can take the basic model and add some festive accessories or small objects, such as bows, Christmas tree garlands, etc., so as to create a holiday version of the display stand, which can be put away after the holiday. Disassembly of these accessories. 

Second, use a customized display rack that imitates the structure of a Christmas tree, similar to an island cabinet, so that it does not feel wasteful and expensive. 

Third, set up a display stand with replaceable posters, so that they can be changed at will according to different festivals or company activities, giving full play to its flexibility. 

Fourth, you can also change the video content of the display according to your own needs, which helps attract customers to watch.

Post time: Dec-26-2023