Excellent store, how to display products?

The quality of supermarket business has a lot to do with the placement of supermarket goods.

Good display can help your store operate more smoothly, but also improve the sales of the store.

Next for everyone to sort out the supermarket product placement skills, welcome to read.

Anything placed in order is a very good thing, especially the supermarket, placed in a good supermarket, not only convenient shoppers to choose what they want, but also can improve the turnover of the supermarket, because it is from the space, psychological and other multi-directional, multi-angle to promote customer consumption behavior, is an indispensable link in the supermarket business system.


1. Horizontal and straight

Products in the same sub-category must be displayed together and placed vertically.

2. Product image display (image is the front of the product with the trademark). Products displayed on the shelves must face the customer.

3. Display of bagged goods

Bagged goods are usually difficult to stand alone and cannot be placed facing the customer when placed flat. You can use the backrest standing type or adjust the slanted shelf to allow thin bagged goods to stand leaning against the shelf. . 


4. Stacked brick display

Stores mostly use dense layered displays, and the highest point of merchandise placement on each floor is called the "skyline". Since the products on each floor are high and low, the "sky line" is not aligned in a straight line, and the overall display appears uneven.

The stacked brick display method is to use padding or filling methods to reach the height of the "skyline" for products that are not high enough to reach the "skyline" height, so as to form a straight line and maintain Neat display of merchandise.


5. Display according to different height levels on the shelves

The height of an adult is about 1.6 to 1.7 meters, while the general height of the shelf is 1.8 meters. Therefore, when an adult stands next to a shelf, the eye level range is generally 1.4 to 1.8 meters. As shown below. Usually product display exposure is directly proportional to sales. Displaying new products, products with slow traffic and high gross profit at eye level will help the sales of the product. In the same way, displaying some products that attract children at children's eye level according to their height will also have the effect of displaying them at eye level. Help increase sales. 


6. Product card management and image quantity positioning

Stores usually use horizontal iron shelves without columns in the middle, making it difficult to divide the placement of products. Product card positioning is to stick the product card to the left of the product display position as the starting point, and the distance to the next product card is the display position of the product.

Fill in the number of displays that can be displayed in the upper right corner of the product card, so that if the product card is moved left or right, the distance between the actual shelf positions occupied by the product will be clear.

The store should ensure that each displayed product must have a corresponding price tag. When the product location is adjusted, the corresponding product card must be adjusted accordingly;

The selling prices of store products have been uniformly set by the company on the computer backend. Each store should always check the price information, especially when prices are changed or special offers take effect. If any errors or omissions are found, the store manager should be notified immediately to print the product card and make corrections. ;

Before the price is changed, a price change notice will be distributed to each store, and stores should replace the new product cards on time;

When special offers and member prices are in effect, special offer and member price tags and corresponding recommendation boards should be placed on the normal product cards of special offer and member price products. When special offers and member prices end, special offer and member price labels and recommendation boards should be removed;


Post time: Apr-07-2024