Lighting display design of store display design details——invisibly affect customer emotions

When a display designer is designing a store display, he often focuses on material, color, space, and display prop design, but in fact, lighting design, which many people tend to ignore, has an important impact on the effect of display design. Lighting display design affects people’s feelings virtually. We all know that the color of light can affect the mood of an image. In the same scene, the feelings brought by warm light and cool light are completely different. Therefore, the display division must pay attention to the lighting display design of the store when designing the store display.


Sometimes why you are not bad in other things, but the rate of entering the store is not as good as others, because you don’t pay attention to lighting. Aesthetic lighting is an important means of decorating and beautifying the environment and creating an artistic atmosphere. It plays an important role in interior space decoration, increasing the space level and exaggerating the atmosphere of the environment. We must first understand that lighting can be used to improve the effect of product display, create a pleasant atmosphere, increase the rate of store entry, and strengthen customers’ willingness to buy.


When designing the lighting display of the store, the display engineer must first ensure the lighting of the storefront and the general environment in the store, including the basic lighting of the window, the passage in the store, the wall, the ceiling, and the basic lighting of the indicator lights. Generally, incandescent and fluorescent lamps are used. The lighting of basic lighting focuses on the environment. Secondly, it is necessary to use key lighting to express the characteristics of the product and strengthen the lighting, so as to facilitate the selection and comparison of products by consumers, and also facilitate the salesperson to quickly serve customers and adjust products. At this time, the brightness of this area is 3 to 5 times higher than that of general lighting; in addition, we use directional lighting fixtures and color light to improve the artistic appeal of the product. This kind of accent light is generally installed above or near the display cabinet, display stand, and hanger.
Light display can attract customers’ attention: when the product cannot stand out from the surrounding environment, light can play its role, for example: using the contrast of brightness and tone, customers can focus on specific products In order to achieve the role of visual guidance; to improve the affinity of the product: through the irradiation of colored light, the product will have a soft and warm feeling, so that customers can obtain psychological euphoria, and then have a good impression of the product, so that they have the desire to buy.


When designing store lighting, the display division should choose different lighting methods and lamps according to different spaces, different occasions, and different objects, and ensure appropriate illumination and brightness. For example: high-end brand stores usually use relatively low basic illumination (300), low color temperature (2500-3000) and good color rendering (>90), and use many spotlights to create dramatic effects to attract consumers Attention is paid to clothing and embodies the atmosphere of the store. Elegant goods can use indirect lighting, which is characterized by low lighting efficiency, but soft light and low contrast, which can be used to create a light and soothing or hazy and gentle atmosphere.
For display, the collocation of colors is a compulsory secret skill. But did you know that light has a decisive influence on the final presentation of colors? Color temperature is the same as color. Different colors give people different feelings and thus have different psychological effects. Cold color light is also called daylight color. Its color temperature is above 5300K, and the light source is close to natural light. It has a bright feeling and makes people concentrate. It is suitable for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, design rooms, reading rooms of libraries, exhibition windows and other places. The color temperature of warm light is below 3300K. The color of warm light is similar to that of incandescent light, and the red light component is more, giving people a feeling of warmth, health and comfort. It is suitable for places such as homes, residences, dormitories, hospitals, hotels, etc. lower place.


Under normal circumstances, the display division should pay attention to the combination of cold and warm when designing lighting. Complementary and complementary, different environments have different collocations. Although the white light makes the store very bright, it doesn’t feel warm enough, and the warm light emitting yellow light can neutralize the cold feeling, and the products illuminated are more moving.
Lighting and display are inseparable. When people see a store with bright lights, they will want to go in for a stroll; while passing through a store with dim lights, they will reduce their desire to go in and shop. This is the impact of lighting and display on people’s shopping mentality. The perfect combination of lighting and display can often create a unique display effect, thereby attracting more passenger flow. According to the above method to design the store lighting display, it can help you create a popular store!

Post time: Dec-17-2022