With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are doing their best to protect themselves and reduce the spread of infectious viruses. As the plan begins to reopen the economy in phases, public places will seek to resume operations when new safety precautions and guidelines are in place, such as installing plastic sneeze shields, shields and acrylic isolation panels.

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Although many enterprise businesses will still operate according to the "home office" policy, other industries will face unprecedented difficulties. If you are an enterprise that is considered "essential" or plans to reopen, the top acrylic sneeze shield will provide the necessary barrier between your employees and customers to always ensure their safety.

How can a sneeze (droplet) shield help?

Originally used in the food service industry, the acrylic sneeze shield is usually used to prevent droplets and food contamination, and provide customers with a germ free dining experience. Since then, acrylic protective covers have been used in various industries to prevent the spread of bacteria in places where face-to-face interactions are frequent. The acrylic barrier with slots can be placed as a counter shield or a cashier shield to facilitate transactions and exchange of currency and commodities.

Now, with the increase of covid-19 (COVID-19) transmission, the acrylic sneeze shield has been proved to be the necessary equipment to slow down the transmission of novel coronavirus and maintain social distance.

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Post time: Aug-29-2022