I have always heard from friends who have opened a store that the most important thing in opening a store is the display stand, even more important than decoration. What is the function of the display stand? Does it have that much influence?

I have been to many mother and baby stores and found that as a customer, the purpose of entering a mother and baby store is very strong, that is, to buy milk powder, clothes, complementary food and so on. When we have a purpose, we will go to the corresponding display stand to find the product we want to buy.

At this time, the advantages of the double-column display stand are well reflected here! Why recommend the double-column display stand in the mother and baby store? When customers come to choose products with purpose, a good display stand can put the products that the store wants to sell in front of the customers at the first time to increase sales!

For example: the double-column display stand has the function of freely changing accessories. Hang and place accessories around some fast-selling products to increase the favorability of customers and attract customers. Customers can see it when they choose fast-selling products. This is a big secret to increase exposure and increase sales!

Another example: the double-column display stand also has the function of single-stand combination. Children’s clothing is a relatively high-selling product. Choosing other single racks around the clothing to match with some accessories can also increase the sales of accessories, so as to achieve the same purpose as the above placement method.

There are many other places that can be used for double-column display racks, such as optional floor cabinets at the bottom. And the optional light box at the top is more distinctive, making your store more attractive!

A good display stand can bring different effects. With such an effect, there is no need to worry about customers not coming to the door!

Post time: Aug-03-2022