Why choose custom glasses display cabinet? Decrypt the advantages of customized glasses display cabinets!

If you are a brand eyewear chain store that needs to be renovated or are preparing to open a new branch, then you must have a customized eyewear display cabinet. And why you must choose customization, you need to read this article to reveal the secret to you. Let me first introduce to you a case of an eyewear brand store that we have cooperated with to demonstrate our professional capabilities in customizing eyewear display cabinets/display stands and our successful experience in cooperating with customers.

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1.Customer background:

The client is a high-end eyewear brand chain store that focuses on innovation and quality. They want to be practical and at the same time showcase their brand image and the uniqueness of their products. They made it clear that the eyewear display cabinet must be able to reflect the essence of the brand while providing a highly personalized display space. 

2. Cooperation process: 

1) Demand analysis:

Our CAD team conducted detailed demand analysis meetings with customers, because meeting communication is often the most direct and clearest way to understand customer needs. At this stage, we gain a deep understanding of the client’s brand values, target customer groups and store space. The client clearly expressed a strong desire for brand image and uniqueness, so we had to keep this as our top priority.

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1) design phase: 

In response to customer needs and combined with our many years of manufacturing experience, the design team provides some related customized showcase design solutions. However, these design solutions mainly emphasize the brand’s identity elements, including brand colors, logos and material choices. Also, the size, because we also need to take into account the actual layout of the display cabinet to ensure that the eyewear products are displayed to the maximum extent.

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3) Quality Assurance: 

Customers in this country have very strict quality requirements for showcases and cannot tolerate any sloppiness. Therefore, throughout the entire production process, we strictly control the selection of material suppliers and manufacturing processes to ensure that every detail meets the customer’s requirements, otherwise we will only face reputational damage and the consequences of being returned. 

4) Personalized display: 

In order to meet customers’ needs for personalized display, our company designs and draws renderings of various solutions through the CAD team, and then we communicate with customers to select display methods, including special display racks and lighting designs. These elements allow the eyewear showcase to not only highlight the brand but also provide a unique shopping experience.

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5) Achievements and effects: 

The client’s optical shop attracted widespread attention immediately after its opening. Their brand image was perfectly displayed, and the showcase was not only impressive, but also provided a highly personalized display space, attracting many target customers, and the customer’s sales and reputation also increased rapidly. This requires samples to be presented to customers for mass production, making the brand chain stores look more premium.

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This is also the focus of today’s article – the reason for making customized showcases is to establish your own brand image. 

What our company pursues is building a long-lasting business, not short-term huge profits. Because in this highly competitive market, brand value and reputation are crucial. A long-term perspective will guide us toward sustainable success. If you read this article and want to customize a display stand of your own, please contact me!

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Post time: Dec-12-2023