Shopping Center Floor Shelf Display Lip Balm Or Lip Gloss Display Stand for Famous Brand

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Material:metal +wood

Size:600*400*1500MM/23.6in*15.7in*59.1in or Customized

Color:Grey+ yellow or  Customized

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1.Top quality - Made from a combination of high quality natural wood, metal for durability and odour free wood. The metal is strong and durable with thick, sturdy castors for stability and heaviness. A very unique and attractive display centre. High-end and durable wooden storage drawers for different products, good for categorising products and for use in the make-up area of the mall as a showcase for different products

2.Outstanding storage capacity - Tired of loose vials flying all over your desktop? A very practical organiser that saves more space on messy desktops. Easily place any make-up you have and keep your make-up stored in one place, making them easier to find and use. The cavity board has countless holes for free height adjustment

3. Floor to ceiling construction - perfect for displaying in different places, the four wheels are easy to use and can be moved at will, making the products visible and accessible from anywhere and saving the customer's shopping time. The storage capacity is large, with 3 cabinets, because of this display, it takes up little space, picks and moves, looks great and has a fabulous colour scheme. This sturdy display is essential for shopping centres.

4.Versatile - extra large capacity, ideal for storing synthetic cosmetics, lip balms, sunscreens, perfume bottles, lip balms and other liquid bottles for your daily care needs for eyes, face and body. This holder is not only great for storing cosmetics but also perfect for displaying your beautiful artwork or nail polish!

5.Quality and Service Guarantee - Our products are new and each one is carefully checked for quality before delivery. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you solve your problem within 24 hours. Don't worry about any after-sales issues.

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Product Description

Floor-to-ceiling shelves in shopping centres displaying lip balms or lip glosses of well-known brands

Product parameters.

Item type. Essential oil storage display carousel

Material. Wood + Metal

Size: 600*400*1500MM/23.6in*15.7in*59.1in or customized

Product Features

*High quality pine wood, sturdy and durable cold rolled board, combine to make a pure and perfect combination of natural spices and essential oils. This large display rack offers an elegant and compact way to store your lip balm collection.

*This lip balm display can be adjusted in height at will to suit the size of the product. The back panel has a sturdy cavity plate with numerous holes that snap into place by inserting the tier into the holes and won't fall out,, allowing you to store different lip glosses or nail polishes, as well as other items, keeping them clean and tidy.

* The design with wheels makes it easy for you to push the display and place it in different places, saving customers' shopping time. The top can be screen printed with an exclusive logo and can be used in large shopping malls, cosmetic counters, supermarkets etc.
* The cosmetic display not only stores lipsticks, but also serves as a beautiful piece of art.

Great gift idea
This lovely display stand is a unique gift idea and a beautiful way to display, store and protect a cosmetic collection. Perfect for the mall counter or professional use. A great gift for any lip gloss user.

Package includes.
1 x cosmetic display stand (cosmetics not included).
If you have any questions. Please contact us and we will make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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