Supermarket Display Stand For Fruit And Vegetable Rack

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1. The five-tier display rack is composed of rattan orchids in iron pipes
2. Save space, you can keep the supermarket clean and tidy
3. Wheels with brakes
4. The basket can be easily disassembled and can hold up to 20 vines
5. Easy to assemble
6. Accept OEM, ODM customization

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1.BUSINESS READY: Whether you're setting up a flooring display stand, farmers’ market stand, or bakery display rack, this set has everything you need. With four medium and one larger sign clip, along with a chalkboard, all of which can be used to advertise products from the space-saving rack.
2.Basket frame. This willow basket frame is a perfect space-saving solution for homes and businesses. Whether you're in the supermarket, organizing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, organizing snacks in a retail store, or just need a good tool rack, you can fill each shelf with the contents of your choice.
3.WHEELS: This product would work great as a maneuverable market basket stand, with five quiet wheels at its base for easy movement. The frame is easily moved even when fully loaded, and three of the wheels come with brakes, so you can set the loaded frame in place without fear of it rolling away.
4.5-TIER: This frame can be used as either a 4 or 2-tier storage solution, with the baskets being easily removable and stackable. Whether you need to make the most of the frame for every retail display basket you can or just need 20 baskets for your pantry, this frame is easily adjusted.
5.EASY SELF ASSEMBLY: Your Willow Basket Stand will come disassembled, but don't worry, because it's easy to set up and comes with detailed instructions. By following the instructions provided, you'll have your stand set up in no time, ready for everything from the shop floor to the walk-in pantry.

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Product Description
Use the fruit display stand to keep your supermarket cleaner, organize your various fruits, snacks, or make a dashing display. This 5 tier basket display rack can hold up to 20 willow baskets, providing you with plenty of space-saving storage for all occasions. Whether you use it at home or choose to use it to promote your business, this is an easy-to-assemble display stand. The display is versatile and can be easily adjusted between a 5-tier and 2-tier configuration, so you can choose how much to use. The basket itself is lined with fabric to protect the contents from the exposed wicker. Eight super quiet wheels on the bottom of the stand make it easy to maneuver the shelves even when fully loaded. This is especially handy in a commercial environment where exhibits can change in an instant. This makes the shelf ideal for bakeries, farmers' markets and trinket stores. From kitchens and garages, all the way to your own storefront, this 5 tier willow basket rack is the perfect choice for you.

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