Floor Wooden Snack Can Jam Display Stand for Store

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1. The jam display stand is made of environmentally friendly material MDF or natural bamboo
2. Jam display rack: multi-layer design, lightweight, easy to move, ventilation windows on both sides
3. It has many functions and can display different items, making the products more regular and easy to find
4. Each layer bears 8KG
5. Free design renderings
6. KD packaging, saving cost
7. Easy to install, installation video or manual can be provided
8. Accept customized OEM, ODM

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1.What you need. Are you looking for a special and sophisticated way to display your fruit sauces? From now on, any promotional, retail store will be more interesting with the stylish bamboo sauce stand from China, which will create an amazing display for your sauces.
2.PREMIUM DESIGN: Our jam display has four tiers with 9.8 inches between them. You can remove any of the top quality bamboo panels and freely put them back together. Each jam holder is made of high quality natural bamboo, which is very durable and durable.
3.Impressive details. The material of the jam display stand are combined with natural bamboo and PVC spray-painted board, each layer has two cup-shaped holes, the head plate has the genus LOGO, the bottom total out with a conspicuous LOGO logo.
4.Special Bonus: In addition to the bamboo jam display, we also offer a special PVC headboard that creates a magical feel for the food.
5.When it comes to creating unique and modern displays to showcase your products or add a chic ambiance to your home, compromise is never the right choice. We only work with quality materials and trusted manufacturers to provide affordable display racks that are guaranteed to meet your exacting standards. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, our customer care department is here for you.

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Product Description
1.The height between each tier is very reasonable, rising gradually from low to high to ensure that your collection does not block each other. Our jam displays are made of top quality natural bamboo and are protected by a premium paint coating that is easy to remove and leaves no trace. With a sturdy and reliable design, this jam display rack includes all mounting hardware, easy instructions and 4 shelves, providing a wide range of uses for supermarkets, retail stores, boutiques, and also neatly organizing your snacks!
2.Messy snacks with nowhere to put them? Snacks that should be appreciated but are piled together? A messy supermarket inside? This must not be the result we want to see. Our jam display rack can perfectly solve these problems. Modern design, suitable for a variety of supermarket decoration style, multi-scene display, perfect material, one-time purchase, long-term use, so that customers feel value for money is our greatest pursuit.
3.Our jam displays are made of high quality natural bamboo, they are perfect for displaying a variety of snacks for use in supermarkets, malls, retail stores, convenience stores and more, making them more stable and durable.

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