• A variety of common headphone displays

    A variety of common headphone displays

    3 common types of headphone display stands: pictorial display stands, custom display stands, display stands with hooks 1.Pictographic display stand The reason why they are called “pictographic display stands” is because these display stands are of hieroglyph-like origin and are desi...
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  • Multiple uses of display stands

    1.Everything needs to be maintained and likewise, display stands are no exception. We often clean and maintain our displays to keep them shiny. However, you may not know that some of the wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily can make the display clean, but actually caused p...
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  • How to choose the display stand to reflect the style?

    1.How to choose the display stand to reflect the style? The display stand is not only reflected in the design and production process, but also the basic raw materials are very particular. There are many materials used to make display stands on the market, such as iron, stainless steel, acrylic, P...
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  • What kind of advantages does a display stand that attracts customers to the door need to have?

    I have always heard from friends who have opened a store that the most important thing in opening a store is the display stand, even more important than decoration. What is the function of the display stand? Does it have that much influence? I have been to many mother and baby stores and found th...
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  • Showcase is another display of brand image

    With the change of people’s consumption concept, people pay more and more attention to brands. A brand must be recognizable in order for consumers to keep it in mind. Image is the characteristic of the brand, which reflects the strength and essence of the brand. Only when a good brand image...
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  • How to evaluate the quality of our customized acrylic display stand?

    The acrylic display stands that we usually see in supermarkets or stores are generally displayed in front of us as commodity display props. Its excellent appearance and physical properties make the acrylic display stand have more obvious advantages than the traditional general display stand in te...
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  • Latest News

    Display cabinet manufacturers out of new products, cylindrical transparent rotating cosmetic display The new products of the display cabinet manufacturers have arrived, breaking the space limitations of the traditional display cabinet, rotating the co… Custom made Showcase Factory Productio...
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  • Retail Strategy : Product Breadth, Depth and Assortment

    In the retail industry, product breadth refers to the scope and variety of products that a store offers. Agood selectionof merchandise is key to attracting and keeping customers, no matter what type of products you sell. But having too many different products in too many categories can be confusi...
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  • Acrylic Display Stands in Business Range

    Today the shopping malls and the retail shops hold a variety of products to attract their consumers. From cosmetics to clothes to shoes there is something for each one of us. And not just this, but these stores sell the products they have in different sizes and in a variety of range (in terms of ...
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